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CareLogic EHR & its Core Features!

In this article, we will compare Qualifacts EMR / EHR with Carelogic EHR from Credible, and the advantages and disadvantages of each. We will also compare flexible front desk tools, such as patient portals and appointment reminders. Read on to learn more! Then, you can start using Carelogic EHR today! And, don’t forget to check out our blog for more information about this product.

InSync EMR / EHR:

InSync EMR/EHR is an electronic health record software that works on any mobile device with an internet connection. It allows you to access patient information on the go, view your schedule, and even see patients from remote locations. With customizable workflows and forms, InSync EMR/EHR gives you the power to build a comprehensive electronic health record. Read on for more information. This software also allows you to create and send electronic prescriptions and electronic patient forms.

This platform is supported by Qualifacts + Credible, two leading providers of behavioral health EHR. Combined, they will serve more than ten million patients across all 50 states. Qualifacts + Credible is the largest behavioral health EHR vendor in the country. They work with their customers to provide them with the best EHR software and solutions to meet their goals for patient care, productivity, and reimbursement.


For behavioral health specialty practices, the CareLogic EHR is an ideal fit. It works seamlessly with all types of healthcare systems and does not require any hardware installations. With improved service capture and claims error correction, this solution helps behavioral health specialty practices improve operational efficiency and yield higher ROI. Qualifacts, which is based in Nashville, Tennessee, developed this innovative EHR. It has received multiple awards and accolades, including the 2014 Health IT Product of the Year award.

The CareLogic EHR is supported by a number of features, including interdisciplinary treatment plans. This software also supports clinical quality measures reporting, ePrescribing, and patient safety. It also supports e-prescriptions, so clinicians can send prescriptions to patients with just a few clicks. Despite its numerous benefits, the carelogic EHR is a great choice for a practice of any size.

Qualifacts + Credible’s CareLogic EHR:

The latest announcement by two of the country’s leading providers of Electronic Health Records (EHR) and related technologies is the integration of Qualifacts + Credible’s Carelogic EHR with Texas Panhandle Centers Behavioral and Developmental Health. The partnership will allow the Texas Centers to provide a comprehensive suite of care through a single EHR system. In addition to this announcement, Qualifacts + Credible will be the first organization in Texas to implement the CareLogic EHR platform for state reporting.

CareLogic is designed to help healthcare providers extend their clinical expertise by improving efficiency and productivity. The solution enables healthcare professionals to improve productivity, increase patient satisfaction, improve clean claims rates, and avoid costly audits. Furthermore, CareLogic is equipped with powerful reporting, analytics, and performance dashboards. Users can customize forms to meet their specific needs, as well. Overall, Qualifacts’s CareLogic EHR is compatible with a variety of platforms.

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Flexible Front Desk Tools:

In addition to its extensive capabilities for managing client information and generating revenue, CareLogic offers flexible front desk tools to streamline workflows. The flexible front desk module helps agencies manage referrals and other client data from a single location and allows clients’ data to be transferred to the billing engine automatically, reducing errors and facilitating revenue generation. Furthermore, it offers integrated reporting capabilities to help medical practices assess their financial and operational health.

Its innovative software platform helps behavioral healthcare providers to connect patient financial and clinical data, allowing staff to better coordinate care and achieve better outcomes. Flexible front desk tools are available in CareLogic, including automated billing, data flow from the client’s file into the billing module, and customizable forms and reports. As a result, care coordination and clinical outcomes will be greatly improved. Furthermore, the CareLogic EHR platform allows front desk staff to manage patient information through a single, streamlined interface.

Document Storage:

Carelogic EHR offers robust document storage and tracking, including the ability to store and retrieve documents, while tracking a patient’s clinical information. The software can send clinical information to the patient’s personal health record, and secure sharing of patient health information throughout the medical community. The software supports desktop PCs and Macs, as well as tablets and mobile devices. Users can create custom forms to streamline the way they do their work.

The interface is user-friendly and intuitive, and the software supports a number of formats. It can be used in the same way as other EHRs, and can be fully customized by providers. CareLogic is offered as a SaaS application, which means that you pay only for the services you need. In addition, the system is browser-agnostic, so you don’t have to worry about using an outdated web browser.

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Data Visualization:

A new data visualization capability in Carelogic’s EHR helps you share real-time insights with your teams and boost productivity. The system supports multiple data sources and uses drag-and-drop dashboard creation tools to help you create customized visualizations. Moreover, it will support multiple data sources and flows data directly into spreadsheets. To learn more about the new functionality, please visit our website at

Qualifacts CareLogic EHR is a web-based EHR platform with integrated administrative and clinical capabilities. This software supports SOAP notes, progress notes, electronic prescriptions, appointment reminders, and other critical workflows. Moreover, it offers integrated scheduling, intake, treatment planning, service documentation, and billing. Hence, it is an ideal fit for medical practitioners with different specialties. Its flexible pricing model and cloud-based nature allow users to decide which version to purchase and how many users will use the program.


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