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Oncology EHR Features (2022) 

As an Oncologist, one of the most difficult challenges you face is ensuring that orders are correctly documented and regimens are followed precisely because there are severe consequences if the wrong medicine or dosage is provided. Likewise, errors in recording patient interactions for an Oncology EHR practice might have serious ramifications.  

An Oncology specialist necessitates using a specialty-specific EMR system to expedite workflow and ensure that all documentation protocols and quality care are followed appropriately. As a result, many oncologists are implementing electronic medical records (EMR)/electronic health records (EHR) to eliminate these risks, limit liability, and improve patient care quality. 

Top Oncology EHR Features 

Oncology EMR offers various tools and features specific to Oncology. These cost-effective features help you enhance your practice and save considerable time. 

Chemotherapy Management 

One of the most critical features offered by Oncology EMR is chemotherapy management features, such as automated dosage and ordering. In addition, Oncology EMRs also include drug administration data and inventory management to account for chargeable waste. This feature has positive remarks in various Oncology EHR reviews. 

Oncology-specific Templates 

Because each type of cancer is distinct, Oncology EMRs offer customized templates for various types of cancer, e.g., melanoma, sarcoma, leukemia, and their treatments, e.g., chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery. You can schedule an Oncology EHR demo to see whether the templates are appropriate for your practice and your specific workflow. 


According to Oncology, EHR reviews, mammograms, ultrasounds, CT scans, MRIs, and PET scans are just a few of the digital tests used by oncologists to evaluate patients throughout diagnosis and therapy. You can determine the integration capabilities during the Oncology EHR demo.  

Clinical Trials 

If your practice participates in clinical trials, it is critical to choose an Oncology EMR that supports this component of your practice. For example, a database of current research and active trials, as well as automated patient-trial eligibility matching, shall be included. The clinical trials feature allows you to discover existing studies for new patients and helps bring current patients into newly approved trials. 

Moreover, users who avail of this feature praise that it is worth the Oncology EHR price. 

Patient Awareness 

Oncologists have the noble but terrible task of guiding their patients through one of life’s most traumatic experiences. Education is critical in providing patients with the experience of compassion and support as they navigate this difficult situation. A high-quality oncology EMR will enable the physician to record the information provided to the patient, ensuring that they are adequately supported. 

You can also check out telemedicine Software Cost for your medical needs.

Oncology EHR Demo 

You can schedule an Oncology EHR demo by contacting the vendor. The demo is an excellent way to assess software and analyze whether it is an ideal fit for your practice or not.  

Our Two Bits 

Oncology EMR is designed with robust features for your Oncology practices. The Oncology EHR price varies depending on the features you avail. Schedule a demo to navigate through Oncology EHR features in real-time. You can also read several Oncology EHR reviews online to see what Oncologists have to say about the software. 


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